Matariki Celebration: 14 June

We had fun sharing kai together with our families.

Lunchtime  on the first day of 2016.

10 February. Maths time.
Sorting shapes. We sorted shapes into colours, animals/not animals, wheels/not wheels and lots of other ways.

22 February: Last week we were learning about the letter C. On Friday we had a wonderful time cooking and eating corn. This week we have been writing stories about our experience.

3 March: Photos of us with our caterpillars.

4 March: We were so lucky! Meridian gave us all a new sunhat to wear at school. They have a nice design on them.

9 March: Painting our caterpillars. They look awesome. Our caterpillars have real legs, pro-legs, spiracles and stemmata. They are fabulous colours.