Our Stories

Here are our amazing stories to share.We are wonderful authors.

Mother duck said "quack, quack, quack, quack and the baby duck came back. By Paige

The shark is going to the water. By Raymo.

The ship crashed into the water. By Ben

March: We have caterpillars in our class. Here are our stories about them. We are waiting for them to turn into butterflies. Have a look at our Photos page.

A caterpillar is on my hand. By Jauzion

 The fat caterpillar is moving in my hand. By Raymo

 The dragonfly is going to get the caterpillar to drink his blood. By Paige

 I can hold the caterpillar in my hand. By Jordan

 The caterpillar is sliming around my hand. By Ben

I have a caterpillar on my hand. It was ticklish. By Olivia


  1. Wow, Room 1! I love your cool stories!

  2. What beautiful art work and Paige I loved the way you had written a long story.
    Ben that sharks fin looks dangerous!
    Raymo you are really good at drawing. I wonder what happened next ?

  3. Ew is your hand still slimey Ben? Lol